Who’s Behind the Magic

Old photo of man with camera

As we continue to evolve, technology does also, and at an alarming rate. The first video camera used for working motion picture was created by William Dickson (under the employment of Thomas Edison) in 1895. The first video camera was created by John Logie Baired used in experimental broadcasts introducing the first purely electronic colour…

Summer ’17

Lifetime Media has been fired up this summer! Thanks for all of the great companies who continue to trust us with their professional video needs. Thanks again for your business! We’re looking forward to the next 6 months of 2017. – The Lifetime Media Team

You Said There Was a Troll…I Thought You Were Joking

It was a normal, hot, and muggy Friday morning at Lifetime Media. Everyone was settled in their designated areas, and all projects were moving along as it should. ding dong goes the doorbell “Yes?..” asks the receptionist A towering, brown, hairy, muscle beast troll lackadaisically approaches the door. “Don’t tell me I’m the first one…

911, What’s Your Emergency

Lifetime Media recently teamed with American Heart Association and Barnes Jewish Hospital to film a real-time stroke simulation. With the help of Walgreens Pharmacy, the Northeast Ambulance and Fire Protection District , Barnes Jewish Hospital’s attentive doctors, actors, and exceptional staff, we were able to thoroughly capture every moment of a stroke patient’s emergency rescue….

Sixteen Rings

Welcome to “The Tree Blog” Here at Lifetime Media we strive to make life in the video production industry easier. From booking projects to finalizing minor details in post production, it is important that we give partners, employees, companies, and each individual family member our all. As we reach our 16th year in business and…