About Us

Our Team

It started with the seed of an idea to grow a team that interacts with clients in a different way.

An idea that combines the art of filmmaking, with the practicalities of budget, and the flexibility of what’s needed in the real world. We are your guide the entire way – so please, experience the thrill of creation with us.

Our Core Values

Our success depends on our unwavering core values. These are the values that drive what we do and who we are:

Make Life Easier

We aim to make our client’s jobs easier by building relationships that bring them back time and time again.

Be a Solution

We are problem-solvers, always looking for a solution.

Welcome Positive Change

We strive for continuous improvement and efficiency even if it requires a shift in thinking.

Be Financially Responsible

We make conscious decisions on where we invest our resources.

Always Be Learning

We study our craft to push our boundaries and aim for creative growth.

Our Team

Eric Habert Headshot

Eric Habert

President & CEO

Abraham Grassle

Vice President

Susan Kasten


Kyle Jeffery

Senior Producer

Kyra Hannah

Producer / Culture Marketing Manager

Steve Kluempers

Director of Photography

Keath Mees


Jake DeNunzio

Animator / Editor

Clayton Buhrmester

Editor / Animator

Cheyenne Tipton

Client Relations Manager

Sydney Russell


Courtney Egner

Account Success Manager

Our Process

5 Seeds to Success

This is your studio. Built to be flexible and deliver exactly what you need. This is Lifetime Media’s promise to you. And we are the only team that can deliver the 5 seeds of success.

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Get Comfortable


Seeds Icon - Motivated

Get Motivated

(Easy to Work With)

Seeds Icon - Supported

Get Supported


Seeds Icon - Productive

Get Productive


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Get Inspired


Our Studios

Studio Rental

Book Your Studio

Lifetime Media boasts two studios available for rent. Both studios come with access to building amenities such as: kitchen, game room, conference room, high-speed internet access, & load in door.

Studio with Lighting