Healthcare Video Production

Healthcare Video Production

Educate your target audience and promote your brand through the storytelling power of video to increase awareness and engagement.

The healthcare industry is about education, promotion and, ultimately engagement. You need your target audience—patients, doctors, hospitals, pharma companies—to be aware of your product, and educated as to its value in order to increase patient catchment, sales, or whatever metric goal you need to meet.

Your sector is competitive, and to stand out, you need to create a genuine connection between your brand and your audience. High-quality promotional, educational and showcase videos allow you to do just that.

Leverage the emotive power of video to tell the unique story of your hospital, product or practice to captivate your audience and, ultimately, increase engagement with your brand. It’s estimated that one minute of video is worth more than 1.8 million words—and that nearly half of viewers say they’re likely to take action after watching a video.

In St. Louis, healthcare organizations like Washington University – St. Louis, the American Cancer Society, Nayak Plastic Surgeryntal, Emerest Health Of Missouri, Envolve Healthcare, American Heart Association, and Goldfarb School of Nursing trust Lifetime Media for their medical video needs.

Sit at our creative table and explore the possibilities video can bring to your organization.

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