Live Streaming and Virtual Events Production Services

Live Streaming and Virtual Events Production Services

Level Up With Lifetime Media

Virtual and live-streamed events have become increasingly common and important in connecting people across the globe, and Lifetime Media is at the forefront. Lifetime Media has over 21 years of experience providing full video production services for true live events, hybrid events (pre-produced elements and live action options), presentations, corporate seminars, with live stream, lighting, staging, and audio support.

Virtual events allow participants to join from the comfort of their homes or offices. These events range from corporate meetings and conferences to live productions and product launches. Our live-streaming services ensure that the action is broadcasted in real-time, creating an authentic and immediate connection between presenters and audiences.

As we adapt to our ever-evolving digital landscape, Lifetime Media remains your go-to source for virtual events and live-streaming services.

Common types of virtual events Lifetime Media has executed


Virtual and hybrid conferences are on the rise, with plenty of benefits for both. Host large events with multiple rooms for networking, breakout sessions and expos. Offer breakout rooms to participants so they can enjoy a one-on-one networking experience, even if they don’t attend the conference in person.

Performances, Concerts and Productions

Leveraging technology to create immersive and accessible experiences for global audiences has become essential to modern entertainment. Whether it’s a live music concert, theatrical production or corporate event, our team ensures seamless connectivity and high-quality production of your event.


Integrate text-to-give, auctions and more through a virtual fundraiser. Sell tickets to premium, donor-only events, shout out live donations in real-time and feature pre-recorded content of sponsors or individuals involved in your cause.


Build your reach and authority in a webinar series hosted by you or your company. Encourage people to join and interact with ready-made social posts and hashtags, offer giveaways from speakers and host contests in real-time.

Trade Shows

Advancing the technology you bring to trade shows maximizes your value as an exhibitor. Allowing visitors to interact with your virtual trade show booth, using pre recorded content to add to the experience and using analytics to understand your audience allow for a more targeted follow-up after the show.

Elevate Your Virtual Events with Lifetime Media

In the age of technology, Lifetime Media is your partner in unlocking the full potential of virtual events and live-streaming services; expanding your reach. With a suite of advanced solutions for conferences, live-streams, fundraisers, summits, and trade shows, we bring innovation, engagement, and professionalism to every virtual gathering.

Our commitment to seamless technology, tailored experiences, and easily reaching large audiences ensures your events leave a lasting impact. Whether you’re looking to connect with global audiences, raise funds for your cause, or improve your online presence, Lifetime Media is here to elevate your virtual experiences to new heights.Additionally, we offer the flexibility to stream in producers if members of the production crew need to be remote, allowing for seamless collaboration and ensuring your project stays on track. Don’t let limitations hinder your creative aspirations. With Lifetime Media’s Crew Services, you can elevate your productions, tap into a broader skill set, and achieve remarkable results.Contact us today to explore the endless possibilities and make your vision a reality.