Lifetime Media’s Crew Services

Expanding Your Production Possibilities

With our dedicated team of professionals, we offer Crew Services that can be hired out on a project-by-project basis, allowing for more expansive scope, enhanced capabilities, and larger productions.

Live Streaming and Virtual Events Production Services

Planning an event is no small feat; everything matters down to the detail.

We understand the many workings of putting together the most efficient event to intrigue guests, donors, listeners, and community. Let us help make life easier by handling all of your video production and live stream support. Lifetime Media has over 21 years of experience providing full video production services for true live events, hybrid (pre-produced elements and live auction options), presentations, corporate seminars, with live stream, lighting, staging, and audio support.

The goal is to make the most of your meeting or event. The objective is to engage your audience delivering an unforgettable experience that will ultimately accomplish your mission.

While the objectives are varied, they include; celebrating achievements, personalizing organizations via testimonial stories for the most effective fundraising, creating continued post-event excitement and recognition via highlights; bringing learning and engagement from presentations and workshops post-event for added value or even deliver the event live to people anywhere in the world.