Corporate Video Production

Corporate Video Production

It’s definitely a collaborative effort for companies to communicate successfully with the people who matter most.

Video production is a powerful expression that provides a meaningful way for companies to connect with employees, shareholders, vendors, and the general public. Not only does video offer convenience when distributing content across platforms such as live events, websites, or social media channels, but it carries immense potential to inspire emotion-filled reactions from people – creating memorable impressions!
Your human resources department leads the charge on many mission-critical corporate functions: recruiting and training top talent, ensuring compliance with industry and governmental regulations and promoting company-wide productivity.
Lifetime Media has worked with organizations like yours throughout the St. Louis area to produce high-quality, brand-centric HR videos that train, retain and inspire top-notch employees. Throughout the years, we’ve perfected the art of crafting the perfect end product alongside the perfect client experience. Whether your goal is to recognize stellar employees, train your team about industry regulations, or just streamline your onboarding your process, our team of video production professionals can help.

Recruit, onboard and retain top talent

Corporate communication videos help your employees know why they’re doing their work and what’s expected of them, ultimately making them better at what they do. Video training not only helps you scale HR onboarding and training—it also helps your employees feel successful, and keeps them in your organization longer.

Help your employees keep up with governmental policies, industry regulations and more

Compliance is important to any industry, helping you avoid lawsuits and disputes—and just helping your employees stay safe. HR videos help you train your employees about wage regulations, industry-specific laws and other important compliance topics.

Enhance motivation and promote company-wide productivity

HR videos can also be used to recognize employee accomplishments, communicate policy changes to the whole organization or train your employees how to better execute their duties. This not only has positive impact on your employees’ motivation—it can also boost productivity throughout your organization.

To this end, effective, internal communication should be a key part of your corporate communication strategy. Employee handbooks and company-wide meetings can accomplish much of this; but company meetings end, and employee handbooks are often longer than employees are willing to read. Having a library of brand-centric human resources videos on hand gives your employees always-accessible resources that engage more than a 10+-page manual ever could.
We are here to make life easier. With Lifetime Media, imagine all you can accomplish with us as an extension of your in-house marketing team; elevating your message with quality videos that can recognize, educate, recruit, and inspire those important in your company.
You can sit with us! Take a tour of the studio, sit at our creative table, and explore the possibilities video can bring to your organization.

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