Our Video Services

Flexibility is Our Middle Name

Avoid letting missing pieces stall and reduce the quality of your next video production.

Let us make your life a lot easier by choosing from a variety of our stand-alone video services.

Video Production

Flexible, Creative, and Budget Conscious - Everything needed to produce your next project!

Video Editing

Professional editing services to help ensure that your content looks its best.

Motion & Animation

Capture attention and keep your viewers excited with the added magic of motion and animation!

Studio Rental

Our studio is your studio. Make yourself at home with our two studio options equipped with a conference room, green screen, whisper room, and cyc wall.

Virtual Events & Live Streaming

Get the support you need to efficiently showcase your next live event, presentation, graduation, or webinar.

Still Image

Sometimes all your need is a picture worth a thousand words. We’ve got it covered!

Crew Services

At Lifetime Media, we have a multitude of stand alone services that allow you to customize projects to fit your budget.

Aerial Cinematography

State-of-the-art equipment, expert videographers, professional production quality.

framing up a group music video shoot

The Magic Touch to Get It Done

At Lifetime Media, we know how it goes: you have a brilliant vision and a crazy-talented creative team, but when it comes to gaps in video production – cameras, editing, animation, studio space – everything grinds to a halt.

That’s why we offer stand-alone services that allow you to customize your project and fill any gaps in skill, ability, equipment, and space.

Video editing? Check. Studio use? Got it! Motion & animation? No problem. We have everything but the kitchen sink (actually, we have that!) to help with all the tricky bits of your film production to make it truly magical.

Your content needs to be seen, and if gaps in your video production are holding you back, Lifetime Media is here to make your life easier.

Contact us now for our video services, and let’s collaborate to complete your next project.