911, What’s Your Emergency

Lifetime Media recently teamed with American Heart Association and Barnes Jewish Hospital to film a real-time stroke simulation. With the help of Walgreens Pharmacy, the Northeast Ambulance and Fire Protection District , Barnes Jewish Hospital’s attentive doctors, actors, and exceptional staff, we were able to thoroughly capture every moment of a stroke patient’s emergency rescue. Here’s a look at the scene.

Scene I: Walgreens Pharmacy

Walgreens Pharmacy customer Michael Johnson (actor) arrives to make a purchase when he suddenly collapses to the floor.

Lifetime Media crew on the set of scene 1 for real-time stroke simulation @ Walgreens Pharmacy w/ actor Mr. Lee as stroke victim.

EMT arrives on the scene to assist Michael upon receiving news of possible stroke.

Scene II: The Road to Recovery

Walgreens customer Michael Johnson has been diagnosed with a stroke. By the help of the Northeast Ambulance and Fire Protection District, he is then rushed to Barnes Jewish Hospital Emergency Department and admitted immediately.

Upon arrival, the patient is then rushed in for CT Scans.

Scene III: The Space Between

Patient Michael Johnson is being prepped for open heart surgery. In the meantime, Lifetime Media crew carefully map out their shot list, and discuss what is best for direction and efficiency.

Scene IV: The Operating Room

It’s time for surgery performed by Dr. Akash Knasagra M.D., M.S. of Barnes Jewish Hospital.

The surgery was a success! Dr. Akash wakes the patient to notify him of his successful surgery and wishing him a prosperous recovery.

That’s a wrap!

It was another exciting shoot with Lifetime Media. We are honored to assist in such an important process of events. Be sure to learn all about living a healthy heart life by visiting the American Heart Association at: http://www.heart.org/HEARTORG/

Special thanks to: Barnes Jewish Hospital, American Heart Association, Walgreens Pharmacy, Northeast Ambulance and Fire Protection District, Lifetime Media, LLC, and videographers: Bernie Aniciete (videographer), Joey (Videographer), Trent (Videographer), CEO Eric Habert (videographer), Kyle Jefferey (Producer), Donovan (Videographer), Kyra Hannah (DIT), Bryan (Audio Tech), and Al Aro (videographer).

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