The Repertory Theatre: Connecting Communities throught the Arts

It has been a very rewarding 18 months to say the least. As time moves on, quickly, very quickly, we get so tied up with living life in our own world, we pay less and less attention to the world around us. Fortunately enough, the students at Nipher Middle School were brushed with moments of clarity.

In partnership with Webster Arts and Springboard to Learning, The Repertory Theatre of St. Louis and Nipher Middle School came together with Lifetime Media to create a project that will inspire many.  With our help to bring their vision to life, this 18 month project engaged community members of various ages and experiences in the effort to document and celebrate the vibrant, living history of the Meacham Park area of Kirkwood, Missouri. 

The students were assigned to be journalist of integrity and explore the community around them. Many of the students interviewed individuals who have not lived in Meacham Park for years but still remember the difficult conditions that as a result helped bring their community together. The students decided to dig a little deeper and learn more about the Meacham Park community by stepping further into reality, and took a trip to the neighborhood to be given a tour by one of its previous residence.

After much preparation and self reflection, their stories were then transformed into visual art, performance art, and a book of expressions for others to see that was presented in two performances on The Rep’s Mainstage on September 25, 2017, fulfilling their project “Connecting Communities through the Arts.”

Thanks for reading!

-Lifetime Media Team

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