Sixteen Rings

Welcome to “The Tree Blog”

Here at Lifetime Media we strive to make life in the video production industry easier. From booking projects to finalizing minor details in post production, it is important that we give partners, employees, companies, and each individual family member our all.

As we reach our 16th year in business and fall begins, we wanted to start showing our appreciation by introducing something new; a change in season if you will.

The Tree Blog is a little extension of our work. Every week we will be giving you blasts from the past, insight on our production technique, words from our CEO, shooting and editing advice, and more.

You may have noticed our logo.

Why the tree?

Like a tree, all production companies may look the same, but as Lifetime Media continues to grow, thrive, change, weather the storms, and age, over the past 16 years we’ve become very unique. We are not flashy, considered to be the coolest kids on the block, have offices that rival the local hip hangout BUT we’ve been offering an experience that is professional, on target, consistent, and surprisingly affordable for 16 exciting years.

The tree represents our entrepreneurial spirit. Take care of the tree and the tree will take care of us. The tree provides fruit, shelter and stability for us and our clients. Innovation is also in the tree as it will continue to grow becoming more rooted but also new branches will sprout. To stay in balance the right branches shall be pruned and the others allowed to reach the sky.

Allow us to get cheesy here for a second. We may not be your real family, but like a tree and it’s roots, we know the importance of a solid foundation. Our solid foundation is the Lifetime Media family. This includes our team and yours.

As we celebrate another year in business, we will continue to pursue long term partnerships, remember our core values, stand firm in our purpose, and to be your easy source for creative, consistent video communications for your company, family, or organization.

More importantly, the tree reminds us where we come from and who will come from us.

From our family to yours, thank you for 16 years of business. Here’s to 16 more years of making life easier.

-The Lifetime Media Family

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