You Said There Was a Troll…I Thought You Were Joking

It was a normal, hot, and muggy Friday morning at Lifetime Media. Everyone was settled in their designated areas, and all projects were moving along as it should.

ding dong goes the doorbell

“Yes?..” asks the receptionist

A towering, brown, hairy, muscle beast troll lackadaisically approaches the door.

“Don’t tell me I’m the first one here.”

Pale Night Productions

We’re living the fairy tale life at the Lifetime Media studio today! Since yesterday morning, we’ve seen trolls, wizards, and zombies, oh my! From the castle to the dungeon, we can always expect Pale Night Productions to bring something exciting to the table.

Take a look at what’s happening right now!

Pale Night Productions @ Lifetime Media

All hands on deck!

Until next time Pale Night Productions! It’s always a blast having you in studio.

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